Architecture synergized

Use ArchMind's design tools to define software architecture

Harmonize modeling and architecture practices

Find your vendor's product and seamlessly integrate it

You + Archie

Powered by you. Assisted with AI.

Archimedes is an AI model trained as a software architect and he is your assistant. Ask him any question about your architecture. Let him summarize your systems, generate architecture documents, update design or assess change such as cost or risk.


With ArchMind, your architectures are defined with elements, not pixels. This puts both you and the tools in better control. 

Key Modeling features:


Defining amazing architectures is one thing, but managing how they change is quite another. Harmonize them.

Key Architecture Practice features:


Buying instead of building? ArchMind Marketplace provides a growing list of capabilities from vendors and providers.

Key Marketplace features:

Features your software architects needs

Architecture versioning

Create versions of your architecture to represent next and future states.

You can even create options for your stakeholders to choose from.

Version Comparison

Compare versions or options to see the differences.

You can also analyze the cost and risks of the change.

Diagram Content and Layouts

Choose what you want to see in diagrams. Use Diagram Content Modes to go from showing bare information with Skeleton Mode to everything with Annotated mode.

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